Total Brand Renewal
We have been commissioned by Adriel, an advertising management solution on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Launched early last year Adriel has been accelerating its growth by securing 10,000 customers in 21 countries in a year and attracting 2,500 customers in Korea. Adriel needed to reconstruct Adriel's brand identity before entering the Korean market in earnest. At the same time, the key objective of this project was to enable small businesses and private operators, who are major consumers, to deploy Adriel's key messages "easy, fast, customer-centric" with consistent experience within their on- and off-line applications. 

Brand Renewal Point
Adriel was rebranded based on the core keywords of the brand : Easy, Professional, Friendly and Growth. We trimmed the A symbol of Adriel and considered a number of factors, from color to photo to typography, to build the identity of a trusted group of experts.

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